Headline RoundupSeptember 28th, 2022

Nord Stream Pipelines Likely Sabotaged, Culprit Unknown

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Underwater explosions in the Baltic Sea resulted in critical damage to two major pipelines flowing from Russia to Germany. European powers are investigating, with many nations already deeming the incident to be an act of sabotage. Neither pipeline was transporting oil at the time of the leak, but the Associated Press (Lean Left Bias) is reporting record-breaking methane leaks as a result of the damage.

Both of the pipelines, named Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, have become politicized since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, drawing scorn and sanctions from Western European countries. Nord Stream 2 was scheduled to begin flowing oil this year, but Germany scrapped the project in retaliation for Russia's attack. Nord Stream 1 was shut down in August after Moscow announced it needed repairs, however Western nations widely suspected this was a political move to punish them for supporting Ukraine’s resistance.

There is no clear suspect in the pipeline sabotage. Ukrainian officials were quick to blame Moscow, claiming that Russia sought to destabilize Western Europe, which is already struggling with rising energy costs. Moscow denied this, questioning what the motive would be to blow up their own pipeline.

Outlets across the spectrum covered the incident, the speculation, the accusations, and the implications extensively on Wednesday. Newsweek (Center Bias) reported that Russian Media had blamed the United States for the leak, and Tucker Carlson (Right Bias) suggested President Biden was responsible.

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