International Law

This notion is increasingly referenced by the progressive left as moral justification or rationale for certain actions taken (or not taken). This idea that collective guidelines agreed to by the world community should impinge upon and set standards for American interests is widely accepted by some - especially in the progressive community.  

Conservatives, on the other hand, see this notion as a confusing and potentially dangerous pivot point away from an insistence on American sovereignty - which some would see as a historic tendency that has served our nation (and the world) well.  For others, America’s inclination to act on its own in the past has been damaging on many levels - confirming the wisdom and rightness of bringing the U.S. under the supervision of something higher than itself.  

For religious conservatives, that something can only be God - seeing the U.N. and the ‘international community’ with particular suspicion.  For others, there is a future of greater safety and peace in such an arrangement.