The Telegraph - UK media bias rating is Lean Right.

The Daily Telegraph has an initial bias rating of lean right. Our AllSides Bias Rating™ is based predominantly off of independent research. Britannica refers to the newspaper as one that takes a conservative, middle-class approach to comprehensive news coverage, while The Guardian asserts itself as a left-leaning newspaper alongside the right-leaning Telegraph. The newspaper’s traditional right-wing stances and influence over conservative activists have resulted in the newspaper being referred to by some as the Torygraph. Even when conservative support was slumping in the opinion polls as Labour ascended during the 1990s, the newspaper remained loyal to the right-wing. Additional research is needed to determine whether The Daily Telegraph should remain listed as lean right, or if it should be switched to a far right bias.

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The Daily Telegraph is a popular newspaper published in London and distributed across the United Kingdom and internationally. Founded in 1855 by Arthur B. Sleigh, the newspaper is commonly referred to as one of Britain’s “big three” quality newspapers alongside The Times and The Guardian. The Telegraph has a sister paper, The Sunday Telegraph, which is run by a separate editorial staff, thought there is cross-usage of stories. 


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