Headline RoundupDecember 4th, 2022

Iranian 'Morality Police' Will Be Disbanded Following Protests

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Iranian Attorney General Mohammad Javad Montazeri stated that the Iranian morality police were being disbanded in response to months of mass protests challenging the Islamic Republic. The morality police enforce Iran’s strict dress code for women and have been the target of recent protests across the country.

For Context: The ongoing protests across Iran were sparked after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died shortly after being beaten by members of the morality police over a dress code violation involving her hijab in September. Hundreds have been killed during the protests, according to Reuters.

Key Quotes: Reuters quoted Montazeri stating that “the same authority which has established this police has shut it down.” The New York Times quoted him adding that restrictions on “social behavior” would remain in place. BBC News (Center Bias) quoted an Iranian protester dismissing the concession from the regime and calling for further unrest, stating, “a revolution is what we have. Hijab was the start of it and we don't want anything, anything less, but death for the dictator and a regime change.”

How the Media Covered It: The report is being covered across the spectrum, more heavily in left and center outlets. A majority of coverage is indicating the disbandment of the morality police will not be enough to quell the protests, which have grown beyond opposition to the morality police and are now aimed at the larger regime. 

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