Perspectives: Biden's VP Search Nears End

Headline Roundup August 5th, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to officially select his 2020 running mate in the next few weeks. The ongoing search has garnered significant buzz, with many speculating about whether his choice will be a woman of color.

Some left-rated voices focuses specifically on profiling Biden's possible choices, as well as examining his vetting process. Some right-rated voices focused on Republican contempt for Biden's potential running mates, and purported tokenism being enacted by Democrats in attempting to influence Biden's choice. Other coverage focused on Biden's campaign finance outlook.

Perspectives: Biden's VP Search Nears End

From the Center

CHICAGO (AP) — She’s too ambitious. She’s not apologetic enough. She should smile more.

The debate over Joe Biden’s running mate has recently ticked through a familiar list of stereotypes about women in politics as the Democratic presidential candidate and his allies stumble through a search they had hoped would stand out for its inclusion and diversity.

Instead, the vice presidential vetting has resurfaced internal party divisions between the old-guard establishment and a younger generation that’s more attuned to gender and racial biases and willing to speak out. Some contend...

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From the Right

If Joe Biden doesn’t want to blow his lead in most polls, he will follow Bill Clinton’s lead in picking a running mate.

Biden should choose a vice presidential nominee who reinforces his main message, just as Clinton, in 1992, chose Al Gore to reinforce Clinton’s message as a somewhat centrist Democrat and an avatar of a new generation of leaders.

Clinton, like Biden, was under pressure from the leftmost elements in the Democratic Party to pick a more liberal running mate. In Clinton’s case, the conventional wisdom also suggested...

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From the Left

Black women have been betting on the Democratic Party since the civil rights era. It is time for the Democratic Party to bet on them.

That's why this month Joe Biden must select a Black woman as his running mate.

Just consider that 98% of Black women voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to Pew Research Center. They voted Democratic in similar numbers in a down-ticket race the next year.

Black women also do the hard work of organizing, registering voters and turning them out to vote. Without Black...

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