Headline RoundupApril 16th, 2024

Is Biden Right to Dissuade Israel From Retaliating Against Iran?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

President Joe Biden told the Israeli Prime Minister that the United States would not support an Israeli counterattack on Iran. Is Biden making the right decision?

For Context: On Sunday, Iran launched strikes against Israel, most of which were shot down by Israel with the help of the United States, United Kingdom, and Jordan. Speaking on the phone with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden reportedly dissuaded Netanyahu from retaliating against Iran, stating, “You got a win. Take the win.”

From the Right: A writer in Fox News Opinion (Right bias) stated that Biden’s decision “could also be interpreted as yet another sign that the president, desperate to win in November, will do almost anything to prevent higher oil prices, another political tripwire.” The writer predicted that Biden will “continue his appeasement of the Islamic state, hoping that their oil exports will continue uninterrupted as he campaigns for reelection – even as Iran continues its malevolent activities in the region which now include, for the first time, directly attacking Israel.”

From the Left: A writer in Bloomberg (Lean Left bias) stated that Iran “poses a potentially existential threat to Israel,” but that a U.S. military response aimed at destroying Iran’s potential nuclear capabilities would fall short. The writer stated, “the damage caused would likely delay the program but not eradicate it, while ensuring a regional war.” It could also encourage Iran to speed up its production of a “credible nuclear deterrent.”

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