Fox News Opinion media bias rating is Right.

Fox News Opinion has a Right media bias

Fox News' bias is widely believed to be conservative, despite its slogan being “fair and balanced." Many claim that Fox News promotes conservative ideas and favors the Republican Party.

Note: This media bias rating refers to Fox News' online opinion and editorial pages only. Most AllSides media bias ratings refer specifically to the outlet's news coverage, but in this case, because Fox News' opinion/editorial content differs so much from its news page, we have split Fox News into two separate media bias ratings. AllSides has rated Fox News' news content as having a Lean Right media bias. After a 2017 blind study of the media bias of Fox News, feedback from the AllSides community, and a new internal Editorial Review with people across the political spectrum, AllSides shifted our original media bias rating of Fox News from Right to Lean Right. All three more recent studies rated Fox as "Lean Right."

About Fox News 

Fox News is a 24-hour news service founded in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch. It is a top five cable network and for over 14 years has been the most watched news channel in America. The Fox News Channel is available to over 90 million households across the country. Fox News has grown to have radio and online outlets as well. 

The AllSides Media Bias Rating reflects the average judgment of the American people.

The AllSides Media Bias RatingTM reflects the average judgment of the American people. We don't use a convoluted mathematical or artificial intelligence model, but instead have regular people representing the broad spectrum of Americans blindly rate the bias of articles. That produces a fair, verifiable bias rating.

This media bias rating was determined using the following levels of bias verification.

Basis of Rating:

Blind Survey
Third Party Data
Community Feedback
Editorial Review
Secondary Research

Confidence Level:

Low or Initial Rating

Unless otherwise noted, this bias rating refers only to news articles on their web site, not from opinion pieces or what is broadcasted on TV or radio. The opinion writers from the same media source may have different bias ratings, so individual writers often are rated separately.