Headline RoundupOctober 10th, 2023

Southern Border Wall: Why Did Biden Change Course on Construction?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Why did the Biden Administration reverse course on constructing the southern border wall?

Background: An article from FactCheck.org (Lean Left bias) broke down the events and commitments that led to the Administration's reversal on border wall construction. The piece determines that a 2019 appropriations law included $1.375 billion to be used only “for the construction of barrier system along the southwest border.” Biden’s attempts to redirect the funding were unsuccessful, and the law now required Biden to move forward. 

Policy Failure? A Washington Examiner (Lean Right bias) analysis determined Biden’s reversal to be the result of “a failure of his immigration policies amid widespread criticism ahead of next year's election.” While determining the Administration’s claim that they are law-bound to continue border wall construction is “technically true,” the article paired the reversal with the Administration’s announcement that it would begin deporting Venezuelans apprehended at the border to frame the reversal as a response to a recent “historic surge of illegal border crossings.”

“No Excusing”: A writer for MSNBC (Left bias) criticized Biden, arguing that there is “no excusing” the president’s reversal. The writer lists the border wall decision as one of many disappointments for Latino voters, stating, “Despite vowing to be the opposite of Trump on immigration, Biden has been a lot more like his predecessor than he and his Democratic supporters want to admit.” The writer concludes that Biden is “taking for granted the Latino voters he needs to win”

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