NPR Fact Check media bias rating is Lean Left.

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July 2021 Editorial Review: Lean Left Bias 

NPR’s fact-checking element has a Lean Left bias rating, according to a July 2021 Small Group Editorial Review by AllSides editors on the left, center, and right. 

We determined that NPR’s fact-checking had a different media bias rating than NPR’s online news. Thus, we rated it separately. 

NPR was reliable in citing sources and mainly used objective language. However, we found significant evidence of Lean Left bias in story choice. NPR focused much of its fact-checking on the political right instead of the left. Specifically, it monitored former President Donald Trump closely. 

About NPR’s Fact-Checking 

NPR fact checks political figures and their claims. Along with standard fact checks, NPR also annotates important speeches. 

NPR’s editors and reporters write the fact checks.