Headline RoundupMay 8th, 2023

2024 Candidates: Can Vivek Ramaswamy Compete for GOP Nomination?

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Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy is running for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election on a platform of national unity through economic growth and the rejection of wokeness. Can his platform set his campaign apart from a crowded Republican primary? 

Indian-American Representation: An article in BBC News outlined some of Ramaswamy’s key political stances, including his opposition to affirmative action in higher education and his call to reduce economic dependence on China. The article quoted a number of Indian-American voters, including supporters and skeptics, to determine, “Irrespective of political differences, the Indian-American community is happy about the sharp increase in their political participation.”

“Sleeper Candidate”: An opinion piece in The New York Post praised Ramaswamy as an “unlikely sleeper candidate” who is “quietly winning hearts and awakening hope.” The piece describes Ramaswamy’s campaign pitch as “more energetic but less divisive version of Trump.” The article lists statements Ramaswamy has made regarding his Republican competitors, including his determination that Trump’s suspected boycott of the Republican debates is indicative of “cowardice,” to conclude, “Let’s see how angry Ramaswamy makes Trump as the upstart’s star rises.” 

“Messianic Appeal”: A profile in the New York Times labeled some of Ramaswamy’s campaign promises, such as abolishing the Department of Education and using the U.S. military to secure the southern border, to be “legally problematic.” The piece outlined Ramaswamy’s business background and the ideological basis for his campaign, describing his platform of “spiritual and social renewal” as having a “messianic appeal” to some Republican voters.

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