Newsweek’s bias was recently rated Center (-0.52) by 1,313 Americans across the political spectrum and a multipartisan panel of bias experts. 

AllSides conducted an AllSides Media Bias Audit™ that applied multiple media bias rating methods to Newsweek’s reporting, including an Editorial Review by a multipartisan panel of bias experts and a Blind Bias Survey of 1,313 Americans across the political spectrum. AllSides was hired by Newsweek to review its reporting for bias

After weighing the 2024 bias audit data with past data from AllSides reviews of this outlet, Newsweeks' overall bias rating is Center (-0.45).

In the March 2024 Blind Bias Survey, respondents who self-identified as being Lean Right rated Newsweek as Lean Left, on average. Meanwhile, respondents in all other bias categories – Left, Lean Left, Center, and Right — all rated the outlet as Center, on average.


The Editorial Review panel did not detect much partisan bias, but did detect sensationalism in Newsweek headlines.

AllSides’ patented bias rating system reflects the average judgment of all Americans — experts and novices, left to right. Other rating organizations rely solely on an internal panel of experts who typically fall to the left of average people in the US. By incorporating the perspectives of thousands of Americans, AllSides issues more trustworthy bias ratings.

Newsweek commissioned this review via an AllSides Media Bias Audit™, in which thousands of Americans and a panel of bias experts on the left, center, and right gave feedback on the outlet’s bias. 

With news trust at historic lows, AllSides is helping newsrooms to measure and, if they desire, mitigate bias. We’ve already helped other newsrooms in the largest media markets in the country — NYC and LA — go from being seen as on the left to being seen as balanced

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