News Posts With Moral and Emotional Language Spread Quickly, But Deepen Polarization

Social media sites are chock full of political discussions, disagreements, and debates. That holds especially true for Twitter, the popularity of which stems from a user’s ability to distill news and opinion into 280-character digestible bites. A team at New York University found that...
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Media Bias Fuels Political Violence in America. Can We Change?

A string of violent incidents in October further illuminated political polarization in America, raising serious concerns about how media bias contributes to hateful division — and how we must change this to heal our divide. In just the last two weeks, multiple incidents of political...
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Tech Companies May Be Stifling Conservative Speech. Can They Change?

Differences in the way liberals and conservatives view appropriate speech affects what we see online — and can lead to silencing. The Department of Justice and state attorneys general met Tuesday to discuss whether social media companies are “intentionally stifling the free exchange of...
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