Right-Rated Outlets Omit Relevant Context of “Let’s Go Brandon” YouTube Ban

In their coverage of YouTube’s removal of Bryson Gray’s popular rap song “Let’s Go Brandon,” many right-leaning outlets ignored key factors which likely contributed to YouTube’s decision to remove the song. This example of media bias by omission fueled assertions that big tech was making excuses to censor Democrats’ critics.
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Democrats and Republicans Actually Both Support These Free Speech Positions

Many Americans share the misperception that America is divided on freedom of speech issues. People on different sides disagree about what constitutes hate speech, what types of speech should be protected, and whether suppression of speech can be productive. However, some recent surveys...
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Story of the Week: The Capitol Breach's Vast Repercussions

Sign up here to receive the Story of the Week in your inbox every Thursday. The violence in Washington D.C. last week, which left five people dead and the U.S. Capitol building vandalized, had other wide-ranging consequences. It led directly to President Donald Trump being impeached by...
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