Media Bias Alert: Fox News Uses Photos and Headlines to Turn News About Portland Into Opinion About Democrats

From the Left Stories like the U.K. heat wave and President Joe Biden’s poll numbers have been top news across the political spectrum for the past week. On Monday, however, Fox News (Right bias) used the top spot on its homepage to tie gun violence in Portland, Oregon to Democrats, “...
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Media Bias Alert: Supreme Court Justices Dispute NPR Story

The Supreme Court stirred controversy last week by denying an NPR (Online News rated Center) report saying Chief Justice John Roberts had “in some form” asked his fellow justices to wear masks. A reporter from Fox News (Right) cited a source who also denied the report about Roberts.
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Asylum Seekers at the Border Existed Long Before the News Covered Them

It’s easy to forget, but the stories of migrants, such as the thousands of Haitians who have captured media attention this week, do not begin with their arrival at the southern border. By ignoring the ongoing stories of migrants outside of the U.S., news outlets create a media environment where they and their readers can fit vulnerable people into political narratives.
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