Media for the Common Good: Part Two

Editor’s Note: In Part One of this series, we discussed the positive impact that journalism can have when it tells stories that bring people together. While AllSides works to improve journalism by revealing media bias and providing balanced news (some would call it unbiased news, but...
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Media for the Common Good: Part One

Editor’s Note: At AllSides, we generally focus on media bias and how to break through it by providing more balanced news using multiple perspectives to get a better, broader understanding of the topic. But there is much more to journalism than that. This guest article provides a glimpse...
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The Subtleties of Media Bias

As we discussed in a recent blog post , everything we read is biased, as all individuals are consciously and subconsciously influenced by their own unique life experiences. Therefore, readers shouldn’t solely seek out unbiased sources, but rather deliberately consult multiple angles. But...
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