"The Internet is Broken": Why We Need AllSides

"When it comes to politics and cultural issues, the internet is broken.” John Gable has a passion for civic engagement that has led him from politics to technology. As co-founder of AllSides and AllSides for Schools, John is in the vanguard of those working to fix what’s broken with the...
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Is Biden the “Projected Winner” or “President-Elect”?

Updated 12/15/20 at 8:50 a.m. ET: The Electoral College voted 306-232 for Joe Biden on Dec. 14. We will now refer to Biden as President-elect. Many media outlets, such as CBS , The Hill , and Reuters , have been referring to projected 2020 presidential election winner Joe Biden as the "...
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What Bari Weiss’ Resignation from the New York Times Says About Media Bias – and About AllSides

Weiss’ concerns about media bias and intolerance of diverse views are worth highlighting, as this is essentially why AllSides exists. The high-profile resignation of writer Bari Weiss from the New York Times two weeks ago underscores the dire need for tools like AllSides, which exists to...
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