In the past, the president had suggested that the U.S. might pull out of the Iran nuclear deal previously established under his predecessor. This week, President Trump announced that he would be decertifying the deal, but not pulling out of it. This action sends the deal back to Congress in an effort to make the restrictions tougher.
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"Israel is wasting no time in trying to translate Donald Trump’s call for a tougher approach to Iran into action.
The government is making a diplomatic push to extend restrictions in the international nuclear deal with Iran to its development of ballistic missiles, sponsorship of terrorist acts and weapons proliferation to terrorist groups, three senior Israeli government officials said...
Nicki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, urged the UN Security Council Wednesdayto challenge a wider range of Iran’s “destabilizing” actions, referring specifically to ballistic missiles and aid to terrorist groups. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the Iranian nuclear program in a phone call Wednesday that also touched on developments in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan, the Kremlin said in a statement."
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Huffington Post
"The Trump administration’s approach to the Iran deal is problematic, as it is taken out of the context of the multiple conflicts raging throughout the Middle East, the extent to which Iran is involved, and the role it can play in resolving them, including the conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon. The question is, will Tehran be more cooperative in the search for solutions to these conflicts if the signatories to the Iran deal, especially the U.S., fully adhere to it, or will Iran add fuel to the regional fires because the deal is terminated by Trump if Congress fails to reach a drastically different accord?
By all accounts, Iran continues to fully adhere to all the provisions of the deal. The irony is that when the U.S. finally makes a deal after years of mutually intense enmity following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, it reneges on it, which only reinforces the Iranians’ belief that the U.S. cannot be trusted and is still committed to regime change."
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New York Post
"In a sharp but expected departure from US policy, President Trump said Friday he would decertify the deal on Iran’s nuclear program and kick it back to Congress so lawmakers could make it tougher.
The president railed against Iran’s 'destabilizing influence' in the Middle East, 'particularly its support for terrorism and militants.' 
Iran vowed, meanwhile, to retaliate against any action targeting its armed forces, and accused the US of violating the spirit of the nuclear deal.
Trump’s new strategy includes three key goals:
  • Rework the deal to make it harder for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.
  • Ensure that it addresses the Islamic theocracy’s ballistic missile program to lessen the threat of attacks on Israel and other nations.
  • Counter Iranian support for terrorists and other bad actors in the region who the White House says contribute to Mideast instability."
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