Headline RoundupMay 17th, 2024

DOJ Joins DEA in Pushing for Marijuana Reclassification

Summary from the AllSides News Team

The Department of Justice (DOJ) joined the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) this week in pushing to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule III drug.

The Details: The reclassification shifts marijuana from Schedule I, which includes drugs like heroin, ecstasy, and LSD, to Schedule III, along with substances like Tylenol, codeine, and ketamine. It would remove some regulatory barriers, but wouldn't decriminalize the drug. 

For Context: In 2022, President Joe Biden pushed for the Department of Health and Human Services to review a possible reclassification. The department concluded in August that marijuana has certain medical benefits and sent its recommendation to the DEA. The reclassification push pairs with increasing public favorability towards marijuana legalization, with a Pew Research (Center bias) poll showing that 57% of U.S. adults support its use for medical and recreational purposes.

How the Media Covered It: HuffPost (Left bias) highlighted Biden's branding of the move as "monumental," while also focusing on voices who said it wasn't enough to "resolve the worst harms of the current system." A writer for libertarian magazine Reason (Lean Right) said the move would rightfully knock down "regulatory barriers to medical research" and add a "financial boon to state-licensed cannabis suppliers," but also said Biden’s promise that it would reverse “longstanding inequities” is “more than rescheduling can possibly deliver.” This summary was developed with the help of AllSides' AI technology.

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