New York Magazine media bias rating is Left.

New York Magazine's bias is considered to be liberal. Despite the fact that New York Magazine’s readers reside in a location that many consider to be liberal, in the 1990s, the magazine chose Tucker Carlson, a conservative talk-show-host, as the company’s primary national correspondent. The AllSides Bias Rating™ of the New York Magazine is "far left." The majority of AllSides users who voted agree that the New York Magazine has a left-sided bias in its stories.

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The New York Magazine was founded in April of 1968 by Milton Glaser and Clay Felker and has an emphasis on New York City news. When the magazine was founded, its prime competitor was the New Yorker; at the time, New York Magazine was thought to be less polite, establishing itself as a “cradle of New Journalism." Over time, the magazine broadened its scope to become more national. Now, the New York Magazine covers the news, culture, entertainment, and lifestyle defined in New York City life. Each week, 1.8 million people read the magazine. The company has created other news websites as well, such as,, and, each focusing on different areas of the news.


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Margaret Hartmann, Gabriel Sherman, Eric Levitz, Jesse Singal, Ed Kilgore, Chris Smith, Adam K. Raymond , and 13 more. See full list. Adam K. Raymond, Jonathan Chait, Matt Stieb, Nick Tabor, Sarah Jones, Andrew Sullivan, Jen Kir, Landon Thomas, Jonathan Van, Chas Danner, Reeves Wiedeman, Carl Swanson, Sarah Bernard, Madison Malone Kircher See less.

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