Headline RoundupApril 7th, 2024

The Biden Admin Says Ukraine Will Join NATO, But Is It Realistic?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Ukraine’s chances of realistically joining NATO anytime soon have been marred by its territorial disputes and war with Russia, yet Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the nation eventually “will become a member.”

Background: The remark, which Blinken made in Brussels on Thursday, drew dialogue and criticism on social media and from some sources on the right.

A ‘Nonstarter’: An analysis from The New York Times (Lean Left bias) did not mention Blinken’s comment that Ukraine “will” join eventually, but called Ukrainian membership a “nonstarter” as it is mired in conflict with Russia. The analysis noted sentiments from officials that it won’t happen at the annual NATO summit this July and the currently grim outlook for Ukraine on the battlefield.

‘Reckless Rhetoric’: Jeremiah Poff of the Washington Examiner (Lean Right bias) called Blinken’s comments “reckless rhetoric” considering how “seasoned” of a diplomat he is. Poff also noted the grim outlook for Ukraine and argued Blinken is “creating obstacles to negotiating peace” which would be in the best interest of the American and Ukrainian People.

Political ‘Nonsense’: Sumantra Maitra of The American Conservative (Right bias) called Blinken’s remarks “deeply cynical” and said U.S. and EU officials know membership cannot happen. He argued the Republicans are a “changed party,” citing objections to Blinken’s comments from notable GOP officials that he claims are in line with popular American sentiment. Maitra also said Blinken’s rhetoric is “purely for domestic consumption,” and creates a “false hope for Ukraine and Georgia… that may lead to their extinction as states.”

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