Headline RoundupJune 11th, 2022

Has Biden's Strategy to Unite Nations Against Russia Hit a Roadblock?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden is struggling to unite international allies and bring a definitive end to the war.

Beyond providing Ukraine with a substantial amount of military aid, Biden's main strategy has been urging other nations to place more severe economic sanctions against Russia to further destabilize its economy — although most of the countries that were neutral or against this policy haven't changed their position. When the United Nations voted to denounce Russia's actions back in March, 35 of the 141 voting nations —primarily from Asia, Latin America and the Middle East — chose to stay neutral in the conflict. Echoing the sentiment of other nonaligned countries, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro told Biden during a meeting on Thursday that he has to be "cautious" about taking a firm stance against Putin given Brazil's crucial dependence on Russian fertilizers to power its agricultural industry.

Most reports from across the spectrum similarly highlighted the middling results of Biden's strategy to wage an economic war against Russia. Some left-rated outlets have suggested that the severe sanctions placed on Russia have prevented China from providing Russia with further "substantial support" given the fear of hurting its own economy. Right-rated outlets were more likely to emphasize that the Biden administration "clearly overestimated the extent of international outrage" around Putin's invasion of Ukraine and that the Global South doesn't "see any advantage" of supporting Biden's policy.

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