The world is (finally) understanding the critical problem of media bias and misinformation, and the need to address it seriously. It assaults our democratic society, our communities, our workplaces, our schools, our families – all of us.

AllSides provides hope and a better way forward. We have built the most robust and proven services and technologies — from to our professional services — that combat these threats to society.

With your help and support, 2022 was a fabulous year for AllSides! We are excited to share with you 2022’s accomplishments. Looking back, we can’t help but celebrate all that we did.

2022 Highlights

Media Bias

  • We are helping other media companies to provide balanced news like never before. In fact, growth in our B2B (business-to-business) market has now outpaced growth in our B2C (business-to-consumer) market. Our new AllSides Media Bias Audits have led the way —  we've analyzed news organizations in 17 markets nationwide. We apply our most robust rating methodologies to news companies, providing them with audience insights, a final AllSides Media Bias Rating™, and recommendations to make their news more objective and balanced.
  • We launched the AllSides Media Bias Meter, a new way to add nuance to our bias ratings. We’ll share more on this in the coming weeks!
  • We updated the AllSides Media Bias Chart™ three times this year, and reviewed and updated the bias of hundreds of outlets.

National Recognition

  • AllSides content was viewed over 125 million times across all of our sharing platforms. Users are staying on our website longer, and viewing more pages per visit, than they have at any point since AllSides launched in 2012. 
  • As usual, fans of all stripes sing our praises. In June, Elon Musk complimented us by replying to a viral tweet featuring the AllSides Media Bias Chart™ with simply the word, “True.” 
  • AllSides spoke at a number of high-profile events this year. Our CEO, John Gable, presented to Congress (the bipartisan Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress) and spoke at the Concordia Summit (a bipartisan, international event which featured speakers Jill Biden and Jared Kushner) as well as the Commonwealth Club for ClimateOne (broadcasted on NPR). He also received the Integrity in Action Award (past recipients include Senator John McCain and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi)

News and Issues 

Dialogue Across Divides

  • We launched Bridging Community, a hub on the web highlighting news on efforts to bridge the divide and find common ground. 
  • Alongside USA Today and others, we provided technology and support for America Talks, a national virtual event that connected thousands of people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs in video conversations to better understand one another. 


  • AllSides for Schools continues to be used in all 50 states, with AllSides content being viewed by teachers and students 350,000 times every week.
  • To meet the overwhelming demand from educators, we hired a Schools Director and created the AllSides School Advisory Board, a diverse group of active teachers, librarians and administrators who will advise AllSides on our lesson plans, content and services to have the highest impact in the classroom.
  • We launched Educator Memberships and School Memberships, which provide teachers and administrators greater access to AllSides resources to promote research and analysis in the classroom.

We appreciate you being with us on this journey. Strengthening our nation by restoring our democratic society takes all of us.

To show our appreciation, we’re offering 65% off Sustaining Memberships through January 13. Use the code NEWYEAR at checkout to lock in a discounted Sustaining Membership rate for 12 months(If you are already a member, we thank you for your generous and ongoing support!) You can also make a tax-deductible donation to our school program here

Happy New Year — we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!