Update Oct. 12, 2023: AllSides was voted a crowd favorite after our presentation at the 2023 Most Fundable Companies event. Thank you to everyone who voted!

AllSides has just been recognized in a big way — and it’s in large part thanks to readers like you.

AllSides has achieved GOLD recognition as one of the Most Fundable Companies® by Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and will be featured in the next print edition of Entrepreneur Magazine.

This achievement moves us toward a goal we’ve long wanted to accomplish — increasing our impact in news media, schools, and our entire society.

There's never been a question about how important our work is. This award proves we have serious business potential, too. We want to thank you for being a loyal AllSides reader and helping us to prove our feasibility, not only for improving our democratic society, but as a company.

Watch the five-minute investment pitch that our CEO, John Gable, gave at the event. Check us out on Entrepreneur.com and see AllSides featured in the December print issue, on newsstands Nov. 14. Share this with friends and even potential investors.

If you are interested in investing in AllSides to share in our future success and help us stay true to our cause, please contact us here.

AllSides Wins Crowd Favorite

AllSides was voted as a crowd favorite among all of the Most Fundable Companies. Thank you to those who voted to further help to spread the word and raise funds for AllSides to better serve balanced news for eveyone, news literacy in schools, more effective and empathetic workplaces, nonprofits working to bridge divides, and our democratic society itself.

Recognition as a Most Fundable Company® will enable AllSides to fulfill its dreams of reviving news media and helping to restore our democratic society. While we are still largely funded by Sustaining Memberships, minimal ads on our website, and services to newsrooms, schools, nonprofits, and other entities, we’re pursuing outside investment for the first time. This recognition by Pepperdine sets us up perfectly for success.

The purpose of raising outside investment is to allow us to have an even greater impact. We’ve designed AllSides to ensure balance is always maintained and to avoid the traps other media companies fall into. In fact, unlike other media companies that make money from bad practices like clickbait and bias, bad journalistic behavior would actually hurt our business and revenue, since credibility is the core benefit we provide.

We have also established AllSides as a public benefit corporation. As a public benefit corporation, what sets AllSides apart from a regular corporation is that we balance the interests of stockholders, key stakeholders, and a specific public benefit. A regular corporation will just balance the interests of its stockholders and key stakeholders. But our executive leadership does not have to make purely profit-motivated decisions and can always do the right thing to support our mission — even if it’s not the most profitable choice. In other words, if some investor or business wants to give us a huge check to do something that goes against our principles, we can just say no. No fuss, no legal consequences.

Our bylaws, multipartisan co-founders, leadership, team, and remarkably balanced audience – that’s you! – ensure that we stay true to our mission.

Thank you to our loyal readers and Pepperdine Graziadio Business School for the recognition of AllSides’ work to strengthen our democratic society with balanced news, media bias ratings, diverse perspectives, and real conversation.

Interested in investment opportunities with AllSides? Please contact us.