No single organization worth less than a billion dollars has had a more positive impact in the last ten years on national news media to make it more balanced and less biased. 

AllSides is devoted to providing balanced information and revealing news bias, enabling Americans to see the whole story and make decisions for themselves. This leads to a healthier democratic society of people who can make better choices that benefit all of us. AllSides combats bias and misinformation from both sides with the mission of freeing people from filter bubbles so they can better understand the world — and each other. 

Here are specific examples of how AllSides has already made an impact. 

Shifted news media in the nation’s 2 largest markets to the center.

A large national news media company hired AllSides for a Media Bias Audit in late 2021 to measure the bias of its local news stations across the country. For the most part, their local outlets rate Center or near Center, but in the two largest media markets in the US, New York and Los Angeles, its news coverage was clearly left of center, with LA exhibiting the most bias. Two years later, after working with AllSides to improve the balance and objectivity of these stations, both were tested again, and both were rated Center on average by Americans across the political spectrum and a panel of bias experts. In fact, Los Angeles even qualified for AllSides Balance Certification™, which is awarded to a precious few exemplary news outlets that show extraordinary balance or substantially little bias. 

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AllSides knows of no other organization that successfully and substantially shifts news coverage to be more balanced and trustworthy, short of those who outright purchase news outlets (a very expensive, billion-dollar enterprise). 

Established as the leading authority in media bias, preventing those with partisan leanings to falsely define center as something that is actually biased. 

AllSides’ patented bias rating system reflects the average judgment of all Americans — experts and novices, left to right. That is our standard. Other ratings organizations rely solely on internal panels of experts which are themselves biased, usually to the left of the people in the US. (AllSides uses blind bias surveys and multi-partisan reviews to counter its own internal biases.) Therefore, other agencies will often rate a news outlet as center or credible when it is actually biased, partisan, and not so reliable. 

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AllSides earns over five times the traffic of the next bias ratings competitor, has been used in research by over 30 academic institutions (including Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard and Princeton), and was the authority that The Economist used to verify the accuracy of its own independent system for measuring media bias in a special research report it recently published on the bias of US news media. 

Used by millions and by schools in all 50 states, increasing the news literacy and resilience against media manipulation of average Americans and future journalists.

In just one month — February 2024 — AllSides content was viewed 79 million times. Our most popular and viral content during that month was a deep analysis revealing the left leaning bias of Google News, as well as the left leaning biases of most other major news aggregators

Every school day, teachers and students use AllSides balanced news and school resources across the nation, delivering as much as 38% of our traffic to AllSides.com1

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While AllSides has the power to positively transform the news to be less politically biased and more trustworthy for outlets committed to neutrality, there will likely always be some partisan and even yellow journalism present in the greater news landscape. Partisan and biased media is OK and even healthy to an extent – diversity is good – as long as they don’t overwhelm and dominate more reliable and balanced news (which is the case today). 

The most effective way to combat this is through news literacy (the knowledge that news is often biased and misleading, plus critical thinking skills to analyze information and get out of that echo chamber) and providing key audiences (influencers, swing voters, independent thinkers) access to more reliable and balanced sources of information. This is what AllSides is already doing as a mid-sized, national news organization. And AllSides can do this at much greater scale, directly from our popular website and indirectly through our growing list of clients and partners, positively and significantly improving news coverage from both traditional news sources and non-traditional ones (like social media).

No other organization worth less than a billion dollars has had a greater positive impact and the ability to radically increase the balance and trustworthiness of news and information than AllSides. 

1 From March 2023 User Survey conducted by AllSides

John Gable is the CEO and co-founder of AllSides. He has a Lean Right bias.

Correction - Added “worth less than a billion dollars” to the first sentence. While we had that in multiple places, we accidentally did not have that in the first (and arguable the most important) sentence. We are very proud of the positive impact we have had here at AllSides, but we are not delusional about the impact that billionaires and huge corporate media can and do have on news. We wanted to share this early success to show our potential to have a much greater impact.