At AllSides, we’re transparent about our team’s political alignment. We believe everyone is biased, and we embrace the reality that balanced news and reliable media bias ratings require a team that is politically diverse.

For example, everyone who joins our team takes the AllSides Rate Your Bias quiz to find where they fall on a left to right political spectrum, and we make these findings transparent on our Team page. Each year since 2021, the AllSides team has also taken a political alignment quiz from The New York Times (Lean Left bias): “If America Had Six Parties, Which Would You Belong To?”

Here’s a chart of the leanings of AllSides’ team members, according to the New York Times quiz, in 2023:

In the past year, AllSides added several new team members. We acknowledge that we aren’t perfect, either – you can see we have more liberals than conservatives on our team. However, we always enforce balance when conducting Editorial Reviews (a key media bias rating methodology) or publishing content: each media bias review includes equal numbers of people on the left, center, and right, and we have someone from each side review content published on our blog.

The New York Times says its six imaginary parties “reflect the underlying factions — and divides — within the Democratic and Republican parties.” Here are the descriptions they give:

Progressive Party — The Progressive Party is focused on equity and racial justice, with a strong vision of inclusive social democracy. Its strongest support comes from politically engaged, highly educated younger people, especially women.

Our Video Producer, Zach, and Mismatch Coordinator, Preeti, are closest to the Progressive Party.

The New Liberal Party — The New Liberal Party is the professional-class establishment wing of the Democratic Party. Members are cosmopolitan in their social and racial views but more pro-business and more likely to see the wealthy as innovators.

Sam, our Director of Product, and Helen, our Research & Data Analytics Assistant, are closest to the New Liberal Party.

American Labor Party — The American Labor Party is focused on economic populism, with an appeal to working-class Democrats who don’t have college degrees and don’t follow politics closely. It is more moderate on social and cultural issues compared with the Progressive Party, but also more diverse, appealing to many working-class Hispanics.

Andrew, our Bias Research Manager & Data Journalist, along with Serdar, our Foreign Policy Specialist, align closest with the American Labor Party.

Growth and Opportunity Party — The Growth and Opportunity Party is the socially moderate, pro-business wing of the Republican Party. It is the heir to the old moderate “Rockefeller Republican,” the East Coast wing of the G.O.P.

Our Editor-in-chief, Henry, and CEO, John Gable, are closest to the Growth and Opportunity Party.

Patriot Party — The Patriot Party is the party of Donald Trump’s 2016 primary campaign: the coalition of the small town, white working-class Americans who feel left behind by globalism and condescended to by cosmopolitanism. It is economically populist and strongly anti-immigration. Its strongest support among lower-income conservatives comes from exurban America.

Our Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings, Julie, and Bias Analyst, Johnathon, align most with the Patriot Party.

Christian Conservative Party — The Christian Conservative Party is focused centrally on issues of religious liberty and morality, with very limited government. It will find stronger support among the most politically engaged and affluent, especially men.

Johnathon, our Bias Analyst, and Beth, our Politics Editor, are closest to the Christian Conservative Party.


Interested in seeing the AllSides team’s political alignment charts from previous years? Click here to see our leanings in 2021, and click here to see the chart from 2022.

We are always open to feedback. If you ever see a blind spot in our content, or there’s something you want to bring to our attention, don’t hesitate to email us.