Better Together Film Festival brings Americans together April 15-21

Throughout the week of April 15-21, 2024, as part of the seventh annual National Week of Conversation - community spaces across the country can invite local audiences to participate in the Better Together Film Festival. The festival aims to shift the culture of the country away from division and hatred, and toward cohesion and hope.
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How to Navigate Conversations About Israel and Palestine

The emotions evoked by this war understandably provide for some pretty contentious interactions between those who are not directly affected by the war, let alone those who have family connections or have lived in the region. Something we’re not seeing–or seeing as often–however, are constructive conversations from those with differing perspectives about the current conflict taking place.
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Here’s Where Republicans and Democrats Agree on Artificial Intelligence

AI has made headlines recently as a potentially world-altering technology. While there are many opinions floating around about the technology's benefits and risks, Republicans and Democrats agree on some key points about AI, such as the impact of artificial intelligence on people’s personal lives and decision making.
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