AllSides' Equity Crowdfunding Campaign: Invest in Balanced News for All

At AllSides, we're committed to delivering fair and unbiased news coverage. That's why we're excited to announce our equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder!

This campaign empowers you, our readers and supporters, to become part of AllSides' future. Through equity crowdfunding, you can invest directly in AllSides and hold a stake in our company.

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

So many media companies fall into the trap of serving a major donor or investor with a partisan agenda. They lose their balance, become biased, and end up eroding reader trust. Not AllSides.

Our equity crowdfunding campaign allows us to raise capital from the public. That means you, our supporters, can hold partial ownership in the company — and we can avoid being controlled by one person or entity. This preserves AllSides as a platform that remains truly independent, balanced, and multipartisan — and allows you to invest in the future of balanced news.

We don’t want to become another media company controlled by Big Media, Big Tech, or Big Money. Currently, AllSides is owned by a group of 24 individuals. Equity crowdfunding expands that ownership to you, our dedicated audience. This structure will help us to maintain our independence and continue delivering the balanced news coverage and media bias ratings you can rely on.

How You Make a Difference

Funds raised through this campaign will directly fuel our efforts to:

  • Expand balanced news coverage – We'll continue providing diverse perspectives across the political spectrum.
  • Enhance our technology – We'll invest in developing new products, services, and mobile apps that enhance news literacy and provide balanced information without bias.
  • Deepen our societal impact – We'll focus on outreach and awareness campaigns that make AllSides the go-to source for balanced news for everyone.

Capitalizing on the 2024 Election

With the 2024 presidential election approaching, we see a unique opportunity to establish AllSides as the global leader in balanced news and media technology. By investing now, you'll be a part of this exciting growth phase.

Become an Owner and Invest in the Future of Balanced News

Your investment means AllSides can remain truly independent, balanced and multi-partisan. Our multi-partisan team, politically balanced audience, and unique technologies are taking us to big places in the future, and we invite you to be a part of it. Your investment not only protects us from investors who might want to control us with a partisan agenda, it also fuels our mission of creating a more informed, less polarized society.

Become part of the future of AllSides and learn more by visiting our WeFunder page – Early Bird terms are still available!