ZeroHedge Has Millions of Readers. But Who Are Its Writers?

ZeroHedge is quietly one of the most-read conservative news sites, but it’s hardly considered a mainstream outlet. Enjoying a readership well ahead of other conservative mainstays, the outlet has become considerably influential largely off the back of one key device — anonymity. While millions worldwide read articles from ZeroHedge regularly, one thing isn’t clear: who’s writing them?
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When Partisanship Goes Away (Or At Least Becomes Less Intense)

As we consider the current polarization and hyper-partisanship that has gripped our nation’s politics for the last several years, we have often asked each other what it would take to break out of this sclerotic gridlock that has stymied necessary progress on so many important matters.
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This Week in Fact Checking: Direct Energy Weapons, Climate Change & Heat Records, Wagner Group on Polish Border

Notable fact checking coverage across the spectrum this week delved into what a Direct Energy Weapon looks like, if a Wagner Group mercenary was really on the Polish border, and just how unprecedented July's record temperatures were.
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