Headline RoundupJune 27th, 2021

Perspectives: Critical Race Theory in Schools

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Critical race theory (CRT) and how it's taught in classrooms is at the center of debate nationwide. At least 21 states have introduced or passed legislation to restrict or ban the teaching of CRT. Several videos of tense debates over CRT at school board meetings have recently gone viral. There's a partisan divide not only on applying the theory, but also on how it evolved over time, what it represents, and how it could influence students. 

Supporters of critical race theory being taught in schools say it's a necessary academic tool for "examining how racism is embedded in America’s laws and institutions", and argue that attempts to suppress it represent a "Republican scare tactic and disinformation campaign." Opponents of critical race theory in schools argue that it trains people to only "see everything through the lens of racial group identity and inherited guilt"; some called for "more grassroots involvement in ensuring that schools teach American history and values with fairness and accuracy." CRT supporters often describe it as a positive after-effect of the civil rights movement; opponents often say it has Marxist roots and is anti-American.

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