Salon media bias rating is Left.

Salon has a far left bias in its daily reviews of domestic politics and provocative cultural topics. The American Journalism Review described Salon's political views as provocative and liberal, while many readers have noticed a uniquely progressive, Northern California style in the website’s content. Accordingly, the AllSides Bias Rating™ for Salon is far left, a rating we have a medium confidence level in. A majority of nearly 3500 AllSides community members agreed with this rating, while 29 of those who disagreed gave Salon an average bias rating of 70. This score falls in the middle of the lean left bias, but it is not enough evidence to change Salon's rating. 

More on Salon

In addition to politically liberal commentary, Salon covers a variety of topics including reviews about books, films and music; articles about modern life, including relationships and sexuality; and reviews about technology. Founded in 1995 by David Talbot, it was created by former San Francisco Examiner staff members who departed the newspaper looking to explore digital journalism.  The website has maintained its progressive style over the years, producing stories in the format of a “smart tabloid” in order to reach popular audiences, as Talbot said in 2008. Although it has historically been unprofitable, Salon offers both free and premium content, with about 15 new articles posted per day.



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Authors who have written for Salon

Matthew Rozsa, Steven Rosenfeld, Nicole Karlis, Heather Dig Parton, Shira Tarlo, Amanda Marcotte, Robert Reich , and 63 more. See full list. Robert Reich, Igor Derysh, Matthew Chapman, Travis Gettys, Lisa Bitel, Tom Boggioni, D. Watkins, Cody Fenwick, Brad Reed, Joseph Neese, Tana Ganeva, Lucian K. Truscott Iv, Charlie Amter, Julia Conley, Bob Hennelly, Alex Henderson, David Masciotra, Sarah K. Burris, Chauncey Devega, Paul K. Rne, Bob Cesca, Sarah K Burris, Rachel Leah, Eoin Higgins, Sophia Tesfaye, David Daley, Andrew O'Hehir, Keith A. Spencer, Jay Parini, Jeff Bryant, Marshall Auerback, Elizabeth Preza, Mary Elizabeth Williams, Kir Farah, Philip Hackney, Silas House, Kenneth F. Mccallion, Melanie Mcfarland, Jon Queally, Terry H. Schwadron, Heather Dig, Phillip Smith, Glenn Greenwald, Patrick L. Smith, Jillian Rayfield, Rebecca Traister, Amy Reiter, Eric Boehlert, Matthew Sheffield, Jake Johnson, Jeremy Binckes, Mike Spies, Eric Hananoki, Paul Rosenberg, Jim Naureckas, Saru Jayaraman, David T. Hardy, Andrea Germanos, Ed Daw, Brendan Gauthier, Scott L. Montgomery, Roger Sollenberger, Ashlie D. Stevens, Sarah Varney See less.

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