Headline RoundupDecember 11th, 2023

Did Donald Trump Say He Would Be a Dictator if Elected in 2024?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Left-rated outlets and columnists are extensively reporting on a comment made last week by former president and 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump about being a “dictator” if he wins back the White House. What exactly did he say?

Trump’s Words: During a town hall last week with Fox News (Right bias), Trump was asked if he would “abuse power as retribution against anybody” if he wins in 2024. Trump responded that he would not, “except for day one.” When pressed, Trump added, “We are closing the border and we are drilling, drilling, drilling. After that I am not a dictator, OK?”

From the Left: A writer in The Atlantic (Left bias) said the comment “is a remarkable enough admission—practically every president abuses his power in some way, but few boast about it. It’s not unusual for political candidates to accuse their opponents of being would-be fascists or authoritarians … What is unusual, and in fact crazy, is for the rival to respond: Yeah, you bet I will.”

From the Right: A writer in Townhall (Right bias) pushed back on criticism of Trump’s comments, stating, “Reality is irrelevant to deranged Trump haters.” The writer argued that “None of President Trump’s second-term agenda is illegal or unconstitutional. It is ludicrous to label his legitimate and popular goals as dictatorial,” adding that Trump’s opponents “are convinced such hyperbole is their best hope of stopping Trump 2.0. They desperately want to scare voters into electing Biden again.”

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