Rex Tillerson Fired as Secretary of State

President Trump ousted Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, announcing that CIA director Mike Pompeo would be his replacement. Some speculate that he was fired over disagreements related to Russia, while others posit that Trump wanted someone who would take harsher stances on Iran and...
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Trump to Impose Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum

President Trump officially announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum, exempting Mexico and Canada. Critics argue this could spark a trade war, while some in favor say that this is part of his 'America First' agenda. The plan also has unlikely supporters in large unions and some...
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Politico Media Bias Update

Previously: We split our evaluation of NPR into a media bias rating for NPR News (Center) and for NPR Editorial (Lean Left). We also completed an analysis of CNN where we kept the media bias rating for CNN Web News as Center, but created a new page for CNN Opinion (Far Left). After...
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