AllSides reflects the news as it is covered from a breadth of perspectives. That includes different perspectives on the same story as well as different opinions on what the day’s top stories are. We also seek to provide context, revealing debate on the underlying issues and other helpful background.

We refrain from choosing the news ourselves; rather we seek to reflect the news as others are covering it. And your participation helps us achieve that.

We do however add some editorial bias of our own. We believe everyone is biased, including us, and that it is important to be transparent about your bias. 

We give voice to perspectives often ignored. We don’t just show left, center and right, but also perspectives representing everything from Socialist to Libertarian, Blue-dog Democrat to Mainstream Republican, and Liberal to Social Conservative. (See the 8 distinct groups that Pew Research has identified.) So stories that might be missing entirely from leading news sites but are top headlines for a specific group will often appear on AllSides.

We give extra attention to news with contrasting coverage. We have seen mainstream coverage – of elections, terrorist acts, economics, occupy Wall Street, and conflict in the Middle East to name just a few – that differed so widely that it is hard to imagine they were reporting on the same event. We give these stories extra emphasis to be sure you have a full picture to understand what is really happening.

We highlight stories on polarization and bias. AllSides aims to reduce dysfunctional polarization in society so we can work together and solve problems. Revealing bias and exposing people to different points of view helps achieve that aim. Raising awareness and understanding of issues around polarization and bias supports this worthy cause.

We focus, at least for now, on political news. There are many other topics, like health, finance, parenting, ethics, and products to name just a few, which would benefit from exposing different perspectives and bias. We see the most urgent need and biggest opportunity for change in the political world so have decided to start there.

AllSides empowers people to be informed, understand and decide for themselves. Without exposure to different points of view, we can be manipulated into believing and acting in certain ways. When well informed, we are better equipped to solve our problems and build “a more perfect union”.