Media Bias Alert: Fox News Boosts Twitter Sensationalism on UN-Backed Report Involving Minor Sexual Activity

On April 17, Fox News (Right bias) prominently featured the headline , “New UN-backed legal recommendations normalize sex with minors, critics say,” along with the tagline, “PLAN ALL ALONG.” The headline was later changed to add the qualifier that critics are “outraged.” The story focuses...
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These Six Tactics Are Being Used To Divide Republicans and Democrats

It pays to divide! Whether it be from politicians looking to appease their base and get donations, the media seeking to increase revenue and engagement, or political commentators and influencers looking to get more air time, the market for division is booming. We’re going to talk about some of their tactics today.
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Primary sources allow teachers to continue the National Week of Conversation

April 17-23, 2023 is the 6th annual National Week of Conversation , where thousands of Americans will join together to help bridge the divide between Americans by having conversations despite differences. To learn more and join an event, click here.April 17-23, 2023 is the 6th annual...
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