AllSides Media Bias Rating: Center

What does a "Center" media bias rating mean?

Sources with a Center AllSides Media Bias Rating™ either do not show much political bias or display a balance of articles with left and right perspectives.

Some Center sources represent quality journalism. However, Center doesn't mean better! A Center media bias rating does not necessarily mean a source is totally unbiased, neutral, perfectly reasonable, or credible, just as Left and Right don't necessarily mean extreme, wrong, unreasonable, or not credible. AllSides does not believe people should only read outlets rated Center; we encourage people to read outlets across the political spectrum.

A media outlet with a Center rating that does not show much predictable bias overall may still omit important perspectives or run individual articles that display bias. A Center outlet may leave out valid perspectives or arguments from the left or right. While some Center outlets do an excellent job of providing balanced or unbiased journalism, AllSides believes we shouldn't consume media only from Center outlets. By reading only Center outlets, we may still encounter bias or omission of important issues and perspectives. For this reason, it is important to consume a balanced news diet.

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