Headline RoundupMay 22nd, 2024

Did Tucker Carlson Launch a Show on Russian TV?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Misleading headlines about a Russian TV channel's use of clips from Tucker Carlson's show fueled misinformation this week.

What Happened: Rossiya 24, a state-run Russian TV network, has begun airing days-old episodes of Carlson’s show that he posts on X and YouTube, complete with a Russian voiceover. An employee of Tucker Carlson Network said the "story of a Russian show is totally false. Any use of our content by that channel is without legal permission." The network's CEO said it "has not done any deals with state media in any country."

Misleading Reports: A since-altered article from Newsweek (Center bias) originally said Carlson "launches new show on Russian TV" and cited a Russian newspaper in claiming the show was part of a "joint project" between Carlson TV and Russia. Newsweek then removed those details from the article but didn't explain the correction. The misleading headline was circulated by pundits and published by Ground News, a news aggregation service, which later issued a correction. Multiple right-rated news sources accused Newsweek of misinformation. National Review News (Lean Right) published and then deleted an article saying Carlson's show "aired on Russian TV." Several left-rated outlets framed the news as evidence that Carlson is pro-Russia.

For Context: Carlson has been accused by some of having a pro-Russia bias over his commentary on the Ukraine war and his interview with Vladimir Putin.

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