Georgia’s Foreign Agents Law: How Media Bias Transcends Borders

One of the biggest international stories in Western media over the past two months has been the proposed “Foreign Agents” law in the Republic of Georgia. Differently framed coverage of the controversial law from American and international news outlets provides an important lesson in global media bias.
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When the President Dances on the Border

His new asylum policy is the most stringent action that a Democratic president has ever taken on immigration matters, and it will still be considered insufficient by many Americans, but that is a very nuanced bit of political positioning at a time when voters tend to prefer absolutes rather than shades of gray.
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ZeroHedge Has Millions of Readers. But Who Are Its Writers?

ZeroHedge is quietly one of the most-read conservative news sites, but it’s hardly considered a mainstream outlet. Enjoying a readership well ahead of other conservative mainstays, the outlet has become considerably influential largely off the back of one key device — anonymity. While millions worldwide read articles from ZeroHedge regularly, one thing isn’t clear: who’s writing them?
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