Previously: We split our evaluation of NPR into a media bias rating for NPR News (Center) and for NPR Editorial (Lean Left). We also completed an analysis of CNN where we updated the media bias rating for CNN Web News (Center) and created a new page for CNN Opinion (Far Left). And we did same for Fox News, splitting the media bias rating for Fox News (Lean Right) from Fox Editorial (Far Right).

Our team has wanted to update the media bias rating for the Daily Beast for several months, which, up until now, has held at Center. Although they maintain they are “Independent,” their reporting has grown increasingly partisan. Back during the 2016 election, we started to see the shift, but waited to see if that was just a momentary phase. However, a year after the election of President Trump, the Daily Beast's articles are still heavily biased.

The results of the May 2017 survey placed them at Far Left. We followed up these results with the Editorial Review and our team also found that the bias of their articles, headlines and images all fall under the Far Left rating.

It’s unexpected to see a source bias jump so far in one update and in such a short period -- this is the first time it has happened with any of our ratings. However, the Daily Beast's media bias has grown a great deal, necessitating the change.

Next week, the last of our current updates, we will look at the media bias rating for Politico.