Title of Headline Roundup Topics
Ghislaine Maxwell's Deposition Transcripts Unsealed Sexual Misconduct
Coronavirus Infections Trending Upwards Throughout US Coronavirus
Fact Checking the Final 2020 Presidential Debate Facts and Fact Checking
Sudan to Normalize Relations with Israel, Trump Announces Middle East
Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Approved as COVID-19 Treatment by FDA Coronavirus
Senate Judiciary Committee Advances Barrett Nomination over Democratic Boycott Supreme Court
Debate Previews Focus on Moderator Kristen Welker of NBC Elections
U.S. Officials Accuse Iran and Russia of Seeking to Influence Election Elections
Facts About Hunter Biden's Overseas Business Dealings Facts and Fact Checking
Preview of Thursday's 2020 Presidential Debate Elections
Pope Francis Calls for Civil Union Laws for Same-Sex Couples LGBT Rights
McConnell Urges Against Large Stimulus Deal as Pelosi Reports Progress Economic Policy
Biden Ad Criticizing Trump's Virus Response Sparks Controversy, Divided Coverage Campaign Rhetoric
Congress, Trump Administration Searching for Middle Ground on New Stimulus Life During COVID-19
Supreme Court Allows Pennsylvania Absentee Ballot Extension in 4-4 Tie Supreme Court
Justice Department Files Antitrust Case Against Google Technology
Debate Commission Will Mute Microphones at Upcoming Presidential Debate Elections
DOJ Charges Six Russian Intelligence Officers In Worldwide Cyberhacks Cybersecurity
Trump Criticizes Fauci in Campaign Call Coronavirus
Supreme Court to Hear Key Cases on Trump Immigration Policies Supreme Court
Six Injured in Clash Between Free Speech Rally and Counter-Protesters Free Speech
Trump Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Deal For Care Facilities Coronavirus
Twitter Changes Policy After Limiting NY Post's Biden Story; Subpoenas, FCC Regulations Loom Free Speech
Fact-Checking the Trump and Biden Town Hall Events Facts and Fact Checking
Scientists Craft Herd Immunity Plan to Reopen Society; Others Say It's Too Risky Life During COVID-19
C-Span Suspends Editor for Lying About Twitter Hack Media Industry
Recap of Day Four: Amy Coney Barrett Hearings Supreme Court
Perspectives: Biden and Trump’s ‘Dueling’ Town Halls Politics
Twitter, Facebook Limit Sharing of New York Post Story about Joe Biden Free Speech
Kyle Rittenhouse Will Not Face Charges in Illinois Violence in America
Recap of Day Three: Amy Coney Barrett Hearings Supreme Court
Coverage Differs on New York Post’s Hunter Biden Report Politics
Trump and Biden to Hold Competing Town Halls on Thursday Night Elections
Recap of Day Two: Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings Supreme Court
Perspectives: The Safety and Practicality of COVID-19 Vaccine Development Coronavirus
Biden Says He Is 'Not a Fan' of Court Packing Joe Biden
Recap of Day One: Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings Supreme Court
Senate Kicks Off Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Hearing Supreme Court
Perspectives: Columbus Day 2020 Holidays
Trump Returns to Campaigning; Doctor Says He is 'No Longer Contagious' Coronavirus
Second Debate Moderator Claims Twitter Account Hacked After Tweet About Scaramucci Cybersecurity
Positive COVID Test, Alleged Sexting Scandal Roil Important NC Senate Race US Senate
Pelosi Announces Bill to Create 25th Amendment Commission US House
Trump to Hold Virtual Rally on Rush Limbaugh's Radio Show Friday Elections
Six Charged in Plot to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer Terrorism
Facebook to Ban All Groups, Content Related to QAnon Violence in America
Nancy Pelosi Rejects Standalone Airline Aid Without Broader Stimulus US Congress
Trump Won't Participate in Virtual Debate with Biden Elections
Perspectives: The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate Elections
Perspectives: Trump's Last Negative COVID-19 Test Donald Trump