Title of Headline Roundup Topics
Gorsuch Breaks From Conservatives, Joins Liberals in Majority Opinion Supreme Court
Trump Discounts New York Times Story On Deutsche Bank Transactions Politics
Trump Breaks Silence on Abortion Law Abortion
US Lifts Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on Canada and Mexico Trade
4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: Trump Administration's Abrogation of DACA, Illegal Immigration
Barr Defends Himself Against Critics National Security
College Board to Start Assigning 'Adversity Score' to All SAT Test Takers Inequality
De Blasio Enters The 2020 Presidential Race Election: Presidential
Baytown,Texas: Officer Kills Woman After Screaming She Was Pregnant Civil Rights
Alabama Senate Passes Bill Banning Nearly All Abortions Abortion
White House Irresolute on Sending Troops to Iran Middle East
Barr Orders Prosecutor To Examine Russia Inquiry Origins Politics
Sexual Assault Investigation into Julian Assange to be Reopened, Swedish Prosecutor Says World
China Retaliates After US Warning By Hiking Tariffs Trade
Google's "Top Stories" Section Heavily Biased- New Study Shows Media Bias
Kudlow Contradicts Trump, Says US Will Pay For China Tariffs Trade
Terror Attack in Pakistan; One Dead after Pakistani Terrorist Group Storms Five-Star Hotel World
Multiple Abortion-Related Bills Move Through State Legislatures Abortion
Trump Increases Tariffs on Chinese Goods Trade
North Korea Fires Pair of Short-Range Missiles, Twice in a Week Defense
School Shooting in Colorado, Near the Infamous Columbine High School Gun Control and Gun Rights
Trump to Impose 25 Percent Tariffs on Goods From China Trade
Mitch McConnell Reflects on Mueller Probe: 'Case Closed' US Congress
Cory Booker Unveils Gun Control Plan Gun Control and Gun Rights
House Committee to Vote on Holding Barr in Contempt Justice
Mueller and House Judiciary Committee Reach 'Tentative Date' for Testimony Russia
Trump and Putin Talk About About 'Russian Hoax' Russia
Federal Court Rules Ohio's Congressional Map Is Illegally Gerrymandered Elections
April 2019 Jobs Report Economy and Jobs
Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Others It Calls "Dangerous Individuals" Free Speech
Mueller vs Barr: Much ado about nothing or legitimate? Media Bias
Barr Testifies Before Congress Amid Reports Of Tensions With Mueller US Senate
Guaido Leads Marches In Venezuela But Maduro Remains In Power World
Trump Team Sues Capital One And Deutsche Bank Over Democrat Subpoenas White House
Rabbi Speaks Out After Synagogue Shooting In San Diego Violence in America
New York Times Apologizes For Running Anti-Semitic Cartoon Media Bias
Barr Threatens to Refuse to Testify After Dispute Russia
Trump Announces US is Leaving Arms Trade Treaty Foreign Policy
Trump Denies Paying Money To North Korea For Otto Warmbier North Korea
Joe Biden Officially Joins The 2020 Presidential Race Election: Presidential
IRS Misses Congressional Deadline To Turn Over Trump Tax Returns Treasury
House Democrat Leaders Rein In Impeachment Talk US House
Representative Seth Moulton Announces 2020 Presidential Run Election: Presidential
Easter Sunday Bombing Leaves Hundreds Dead Terrorism
Democrats Issue Subpoena for Full Mueller Report Russia
Joe Biden to Announce 2020 Bid for President Election: Presidential
The Mueller Report And Obstruction Of Justice Claims National Security
William Barr Holds Press Conference On Mueller Report National Security
Trump Vetoes Bill To End US Military Assistance In Yemen White House
William Weld Announces GOP Challenge To President Trump Election: Presidential