Title of Headline Roundup Topics
Biden Gives First UN Address as President Foreign Policy
Texas Doctor Sued After Providing Abortion in Defiance of New Law Abortion
Trudeau's Liberal Party Wins in Canada but Remains a Minority Government Elections
Democrats Tie Debt Ceiling Suspension to Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown US Congress
US to Ease Restrictions, Require COVID-19 Vaccine for International Travelers Coronavirus
Perspectives: Breaking Down the Small 'Justice for J6' Rally Polarization
Pfizer Says its COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe, Effective for Kids Ages 5-11 Coronavirus
Pentagon Calls Kabul Drone Strike That Killed 10 Civilians A 'Tragic Mistake' Middle East
World Leaders React To US-UK-Australia Nuclear Submarine Deal World
FDA Panel Recommends Booster Shots for Individuals Over 65 and at High Risk Coronavirus
Afghan Refugees Set to Start New Lives in US Middle East
Thousands of Migrants Gather Under Texas Bridge Immigration
Submarine Deal Between Australia, UK and US Draws Criticism from France and China Foreign Policy
Democrats Move to Raise Taxes on Businesses, Top Earners Taxes
Perspectives: Should Gen. Milley Be Fired Over Calls With Top Chinese General? US Military
Los Angeles County to Mandate Vaccines in Indoor Bars, Nightclubs Coronavirus
US Gymnasts Criticize FBI's Investigation of Larry Nassar at Senate Hearing FBI
California Gov. Newsom Defeats Recall Effort Elections
COVID-19 Hospitalizations Remain High, as Some Question the Number's Accuracy Coronavirus
North Korea and South Korea Test Missiles World
Book Says Gen. Milley Secretly Acted to Limit Trump's Nuclear Powers and Reassure Chinese Counterpart After Jan. 6 US Military
Contradictory Data Fuels Split Narratives on Economy, Inflation Economy and Jobs
Testifying Before Congress, Blinken Faces Bipartisan Criticism For Afghanistan Withdrawal US Congress
The Biden Vaccine Mandate's Impact on Private Businesses Coronavirus
Tuesday's Recall Election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom Elections
Perspectives: Joe Manchin’s Opposition to Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill US Senate
Top FDA and WHO Scientists Call COVID-19 Booster Shots Unnecessary For Most Americans At This Time Coronavirus
FBI Releases First Declassified 9/11 Document Following Biden Executive Order FBI
Biden, Bush and Other Political Figures Point To Unity On 9/11 Anniversary Politics
Perspectives: Post-9/11 Unity, 20 Years Later Polarization
Andrew Yang To Launch Third Political Party Elections
Perspectives: Biden's Call for Vaccine Mandates Coronavirus
Report Contradicts Fauci, Says US Funded Controversial Virus Research in China Coronavirus
Biden Announces New COVID-19 Measures, Including Vaccine Mandate for Companies With 100+ Employees Coronavirus
Perspectives: Media Bias and Ivermectin Misinformation Media Bias
Egg Thrown At GOP Recall Candidate Larry Elder During Campaign Event Elections
Americans Among 200 People on Evacuation Flight From Kabul Middle East
Yellen Urges Congress to Raise or Suspend Debt Ceiling Treasury
Biden Seeks $30 Billion For Disaster Aid And Resettlement Of Afghan Refugees Disaster
Perspectives: Biden's Approval Rating Falls Joe Biden
Taliban Announces New Government in Afghanistan World
As US Surpasses 40 Million COVID-19 Cases, Mu Variant Detected Across 49 States Coronavirus
Perspectives: The US and Afghan Refugees Immigration
Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Expire For 7.5 Million Americans Economy and Jobs
Perspectives: Labor Day 2021 Labor
As Schools Reopen, Child COVID-19 Cases Rise Education
Perspectives: Biden's Booster Shot Plan Coronavirus
CDC and FDA Advise White House To Slow Down Booster Shot Plan Coronavirus
235,000 Jobs Added in August, Well Short of Estimates Economy and Jobs
Biden Says Texas Abortion Ban Will Cause 'Unconstitutional Chaos' Joe Biden