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My Front Page lets you create your own online newspaper!

Now you can instantly post news stories to your own personal page, making it easy to share and discuss information that matters. In addition to news stories, you can post your own content including notes, announcements, and more.

Are you…

A news junkie?

Be your own publisher! Post articles that interest you and add your own thoughts on the topic. Then share your own personal My Front Page URL on social media to spark conversations. See an example.

An educator?

Post articles for your students to read, along with homework assignments, contextualizing information, announcements, and whatever else you would like. See an example.

A student?

Create your own newspaper! Learn about different viewpoints by reading, posting, and commenting on articles from different perspectives. Share interesting articles with your friends. See an example.

How to access My Front Page:

  • Log into   (Don’t have an account? Sign up here!)
  • Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner and select “My Front Page”
    Alternatively, you can go straight to your My Front Page by entering your custom URL into the address bar:

How to use My Front Page:

  • To add an article, open any news article on and click + My Front Page underneath the headline.
  • To remove an article from your Front Page, click the in the upper-right corner. Alternatively, open the article page and click ✖ Remove from My Front Page underneath the headline.
  • To add a Card, click the + Add Card button on your Front Page. Cards allow you to post your own notes, announcements, and more.
  • To edit or remove a Card, click on the pencil icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Click and drag cards and articles to organize your Front Page however you like.

We want your feedback!

My Front Page is a new feature, and we want to make it bigger and better! Please let us know what you think, along with any suggestions you might have, by emailing us at