AllSides Media Bias Rating: Right

What does a Right media bias rating mean?

A Right media bias is the most conservative rating on the political spectrum. Some of these sources or writers may be considered "right-wing news."

A Right media bias rating from AllSides doesn't necessarily mean the source is "far Right," extreme, wrong, not credible, or unreasonable, just as a Center rating doesn't necessarily mean the source is the most fair, credible, or reasonable. We encourage people to read outlets across the political spectrum to get the full breadth of perspectives and views.

Sources with a Right media bias rating are simply most likely to show favor for:

  • Decreasing government involvement in economic issues
  • Decreasing federal regulations in general, giving more power to state laws
  • Belief that government should be as small and non-intrusive as possible, leaving individuals to make their own decisions
  • Personal responsibility
  • Freedom of speech
  • Decreasing government spending, perhaps except for defense spending
  • Decreasing taxes
  • Preserving the rights of gun owners
  • Belief in the sovereignty of the individual and/or family over the collective
  • Using military force when it protects American interests
  • Maintaining strong border security: ensuring all immigrants enter through a legal process and are properly vetted to make certain they are not violent criminals; preventing illegal immigrants from entering or staying in the country
  • Rejection of laws that impose unnecessary burdens on businesses/the economy
  • Rejection of entitlements and public funding for private needs
  • Outlawing or restricting abortion
  • A belief that government should be as small as possible
  • A belief that government's primary role is to protect natural rights, not necessarily to provide material goods like housing (though it may create tax structures or other legal incentives to promote the creation of families, good health, etc.)
  • Traditional family values
  • Skepticism of "progress" as an ideal; belief that tradition and prevailing norms were developed for a reason and contain wisdom that has been handed down and should be preserved
  • Preserving the philosophy and rules enshrined in the U.S. Constitution
  • Preserving cultural norms and traditional morality, often as outlined in the Bible, through culture and/or the use of state and local law
  • Rejection of identity politics, affirmative action, the “welfare state”
  • Balanced government budgets and fiscal conservatism

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