Political News Media Bias Rating: Left

What does a “Left” media bias rating mean?

A Left bias is the most liberal media bias rating on the political spectrum. Some of these sources may be considered "left-wing news."

Sources with a Left media bias rating are most likely to show favor for:

  • Government services (food stamps, social security, Medicare, student-loans, unemployment benefits, healthcare, education, etc.)
  • Federal laws to protect consumers and the environment
  • Federal laws protecting equal rights
  • Tax increases on the wealthy
  • Government regulation of corporations
  • Keeping abortion legal
  • Decreasing military spending and intervention
  • A belief that the role of government is to provide for its people, to end suffering and contribute to human prosperity
  • A belief that government should prevent wealth from concentrating in the hands of a few
  • A belief that all humans have a right to healthcare, housing, clean water, a living wage
  • A belief that all people deserve help when they have fallen on hard times
  • An embrace of empathy, compassion, and tolerance as guiding values
  • A belief in the importance of multiculturalism and representation of diverse cultures and races in media, positions of political power, and corporations
  • A rejection of social and economic inequality
  • Bans on hate speech, i.e., a belief that words can be violent
  • A belief in “live and let live,” i.e, that the government should not intervene just because someone is acting in ways someone else does not approve of, provided they have harmed no one else
  • A belief that corporations, if left unregulated, may do harm to workers, society and the environment in the pursuit of profit
  • A belief in identity politics, i.e., that some groups of people suffer disproportionately greater amounts in society due to identity characteristics, including race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion
  • A believe in systemic oppression and a need for the government to step in and rectify the wrongs it has committed (such as Native American genocide, Jim Crow-era laws)


The AllSides Bias RatingTM reflects the average judgment of the American people.

We don't use a convoluted mathematical or artificial intelligence model, but instead have regular people representing the broad spectrum of Americans blindly rate the media bias of articles. That produces a fair, verifiable bias rating. Learn more here.

Unless otherwise noted, this media bias rating refers only to news articles on their web site, not from opinion pieces or what is broadcasted on TV or radio. The opinion writers from the same media source may have different bias ratings, so individual writers often are rated separately.


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