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Rep. Justin Amash is running for president as a libertarian; New York state has cancelled its 2020 presidential primary; and Joe Biden has denied a sexual assault allegation brought against him by a former staffer.

States Postpone Primaries Due to Coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has fundamentally changed the look of the 2020 presidential race, as in-person voting has now been postponed or cancelled entirely for many presidential primary elections.

Ballotpedia.com is tracking all coronavirus-induced changes to federal, state and local elections.

March 17 Primaries

Biden won the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona.

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) ended her presidential campaign Thursday.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered the state's polls closed March 17, citing a coronavirus 'emergency.' Hundreds of polling station workers in Florida reportedly quit in protest of the state's decision to hold in-person voting. Check USA TODAY for live state-by-state vote counting.

  • Arizona (67 total delegates at stake): Biden projected winner
  • Florida (219 delegates): Biden projected winner
  • Illinois (155 delegates): Biden projected winner

Need more on voting dates and polling locations in your area? Ballotpedia has all the information needed on when and where to cast your vote.

Can't keep up with who's endorsing who in the Democratic primary? Stay informed with this endorsement tracker from FiveThirtyEight. For up-to-the-minute tracking on delegate totals, follow along with this live delegate counter from PBS Newshour.

March 10 Election Results and Information

Biden paired primary victories in Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi and Washington with a key win in the battleground state of Michigan March 10, bolstering his Democratic frontrunner status. Bernie Sanders won North Dakota.

  • Idaho (25 delegates): Biden wins
  • Michigan (147 delegates): Biden wins
  • Missouri (78 delegates): Biden wins
  • Mississippi (41 delegates): Biden wins
  • North Dakota (18 delegates): Sanders wins
  • Washington (107 delegates): Biden wins

Super Tuesday Election Results

All 14 Super Tuesday states now have projected winners, but some are still counting votes, which will impact how many delegates each candidate will get.

Democratic primary winners and the total number of delegates at stake in each state are listed below. President Donald Trump won all states in the GOP primary.

  • Alabama (52 total delegates at stake): Biden wins
  • Arkansas (31 delegates): Biden wins
  • California (415 delegates): Sanders wins
  • Colorado (67 delegates): Sanders wins
  • Maine (24 delegates): Biden wins
  • Massachusetts (91 delegates): Biden wins
  • Minnesota (75 delegates): Biden wins
  • North Carolina (110 delegates): Biden wins
  • Oklahoma (37 delegates): Biden wins
  • Tennessee (64 delegates): Biden wins
  • Texas (228 delegates): Biden wins
  • Utah (29 delegates): Sanders wins
  • Virginia (99 delegates): Biden wins
  • Vermont (16 delegates): Sanders wins
  • American Samoa (U.S. territory, 6 delegates - Caucus): Bloomberg wins

Biden was the big winner on Super Tuesday, sweeping the South but also picking up some surprising states en route to a victory that frames him as the party's frontrunner alongside Sanders. Bloomberg suspended his campaign and endorsed Biden the following day.

South Carolina Primary Results

Biden won South Carolina convincingly to revive his campaign and build momentum ahead of 25 primaries in March, beginning with Super Tuesday. Fellow Democratic candidates Steyer, Klobuchar and Buttigieg all dropped out in the following days, with the latter two endorsing Biden.

Nevada Primary Results - Caucus

Sanders was the winner in Nevada, dominating the Democratic field and prompting many voices in the media and beyond to label him the party's 2020 favorite.

New Hampshire Primary Results

In a closer-than-expected result, Sanders squeezed out a victory in New Hampshire, with Buttigieg and Klobuchar following. For many, the biggest takeaway was the losses for Biden and Warren.

Iowa Primary Results - Caucus

Buttigieg apparently won a tight race against Sanders in Iowa, but not before widespread technological difficulties prevented results from being recorded and released properly.