Where do Americans actually agree on political issues?

Introducing Similarity Hub, an AllSides tool that reveals policy overlaps between Democrats and Republicans and points of agreement on political issues among Americans. 

While many feel the effects of toxic polarization, we aren’t always as divided as we think. 

Similarity Hub, created in partnership with More Like US, showcases 200 policy questions across 20 hot-button issue areas in which majorities of Americans agree, including topics such as abortion, immigration, elections, and media bias.

Americans are actually more similar to each other across the political spectrum than is often believed, revealing opportunities for political progress. 

We’re helping to close The Perception Gap, a phenomenon in which both Democrats and Republicans think those in the other party are more politically extreme than they really are. The Perception Gap is dangerous because it can feed into an idea that “our side” must “win at all costs,” even leading to actions that put the country’s democratic republic and/or safety at risk. 

To help close these harmful perceptions, relevant data from Similarity Hub will be integrated with AllSides Topics pages, Headline Roundups, and individual news items.

Bookmark Similarity Hub in your browser and check back regularly for fresh data on pressing issues.

It is easy to believe we are more divided than we actually are because polarization drives media engagement, but Similarity Hub gives a holistic view of where Americans really stand. Knowing where Americans agree can give us a more accurate picture and allow us to craft bipartisan solutions that benefit us. 

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