Headline RoundupSeptember 3rd, 2022

Perspectives: Should Donald Trump be Prosecuted?

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Former President Donald Trump’s future is uncertain. The man who redefined the Republican Party is being investigated by the Department of Justice in connection to the mishandling of classified materials that he allegedly took with him during his controversial and bombastic departure from the White House. Additionally, he could potentially face criminal charges for his alleged role in the instigation of the January 6 riot, where the defeated incumbent President’s supporters broke into the Capitol with the aim of obstructing the certification of the 2020 election results.

In the absence of knowing if, when, or why charges will be brought against Donald Trump, political speculators intent on preserving public trust in American institutions, including the courts, the law, and the federal government, are debating whether charges should be leveled against the man who formerly held the highest office in the land, whose base clings to him still, and is propelling him towards another run for the Presidency in 2024.

Two sides of the argument are presented here. In one, a writer for The Federalist (Right Bias) argues that current President Joe Biden is the more imminent threat to democracy, highlighting biases presented in the President’s divisive prime-time address last week. Arguing in favor of criminal prosecution is Jed Shugerman (Lean Left Bias) and Alan Z. Rozenshtein (Lean Left Bias), who believe the sanctity, integrity, and reputation of the American legal system can only be maintained by demonstrating that no individual is above the law, even former Presidents. 

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