AllSides recently analyzed the results from our latest blind bias survey of over 2,000 people across the political spectrum, and the results for The Epoch Times were notable. People from across the political spectrum on average rated The Epoch Times as on the borderline of a Lean Right and Center bias. AllSides previously rated The Epoch Times as Right; after analyzing the results of the blind bias survey and conducting a full editorial review, AllSides has shifted The Epoch Times’ bias rating from Right to Lean Right.

All Groups on Average Rate Epoch Times Between Center and Lean Right

The average bias rating of all political groups for The Epoch Times was between Center and Lean Right. Pluralities across all groups of survey respondents — conservatives, centrists and liberals alike — rated The Epoch Times as Center. On average, people who self-reported a Center or Lean Right bias rated The Epoch Times as Center, while people who rated their own bias as Lean Left, Left, or Right on average found it to be between Lean Right and Center.

This discrepancy of rating from the survey results (Center-Lean Right) and the AllSides Media Bias Rating of The Epoch Times at the time (Right) prompted the team to conduct a full Editorial Review. AllSides concluded The Epoch Times’s Media Bias Rating is Lean Right.

AllSides Moves Epoch Times to Lean Right Following Review

An editorial review is when the AllSides team, which includes an equal number of people from the Left, Center and Right of the political spectrum, reviews the works of a source and comes to a general consensus on its bias. We found that the Epoch Times did a good job of citing multiple sources across the political spectrum and of using full quotes in its reporting — not snippets or phrases taken out of context. The publication did not display common types of media bias such as spin, sensationalism, opinion presented as fact, unsubstantiated claims, flawed logic, or omission of source attribution.

Much of The Epoch Times’ reporting is rather balanced; its right-wing bias was mostly displayed via story choice. The publication typically covered stories generally of interest to people on the right and showed conservatives in a positive light, and covered stories that show the left in a more negative light.

Head over to our The Epoch Times source page to read more details about our editorial review, and to vote on whether or not you agree with our bias rating. You can also email us feedback.