Tallahassee Democrat media bias rating is Center.

Prior to 2019, AllSides gave the Tallahassee Democrat a Left media bias rating. As of February 2019, AllSides changed this to a Center media bias rating, with Low confidence. More research on this source is needed.

Independent research conducted by AllSides found this source's Opinion pages included both left and right viewpoints. Its news reporting does not predictably display a left or right bias.

A Center media bias rating does not necessarily mean a source is unbiased, neutral, or always reasonable. It simply means the source or writer rated does not predictably show opinions favoring either end of the political spectrum — conservative or liberal.

A Center outlet either doesn't show much bias at all, or its bias leans to the left and right equally at different times. It may also mean the outlet does a good job of portraying both sides equally.

According to Wikipedia, "In the mid-20th century, during the segregation period, the Democrat published a separate section for black subscribers. White subscribers received in its place the business section. As time moved on, the paper moved closer to the political center to reflect the more split electorate, eventually settling on a slightly conservative lean," pointing to a Center-Right media bias rating by Media Bias/Fact Check.

About the Tallahassee Democrat

The Tallahassee Democrat is a daily broadsheet newspaper. It covers the area centered on Tallahassee in Leon County, Florida, as well as adjacent Gadsden County, Jefferson County, and Wakulla County. The newspaper is owned by Gannett Co., Inc., which also owns USA Today, Pensacola News Journal, the Fort Myers News-Press, and Florida Today, along with many other news outlets.

Knight Newspapers bought the Tallahassee Democrat in 1965. The Democrat was acquired by Gannett in August 2005 in a newspaper swap with Knight Ridder.