Beth Ballentine media bias rating is Center.

Beth Ballentine, an editorial contributor to AllSides, is a freelance political writer and "equal opportunity political critic" with libertarian leanings, advocating for social and economic freedomThis is a message she believes would be widely supported but is too seldom heard. Her goal is to help readers think outside the narrow constraints of “left” or “right” thinking. In the early 2000s, Beth was a vocal opponent of George W. Bush, and has been no less troubled by the administration of former President Obama.

Disillusioned by the lack of non-biased news sources willing to frankly and scrupulously report on government, and dismayed by an environment in which Americans insulate themselves from any opinions or information that does not corroborate their views, Beth began researching partisan bias, which led her to AllSides. AllSides recognizes that a simple left to right scale does not adequately reflect bias or political leanings. Another way to look at political leanings is to emphasize the level of personal freedom and economic freedom, measuring freedom on a spectrum of Libertarianism and Authoritarianism. Beth helps ensure that AllSides includes this perspective on bias and political leanings. Consistent with our editorial philosophy, AllSides is eager to shine a light on different perspectives that are often ignored or overlooked by the majority of news media today, and therefore eagerly includes Beth's writings.

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When not writing political commentary, Beth teaches middle school drama and has authored many plays for children and young adults. She was the first in her family to receive a high school diploma and was driven and determined to graduate from college. Her blog, Free to Think, discusses the freedom of thought in America.



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