Mother Jones’ AllSides Media Bias Rating™ was confirmed as Left in our Feb. 2024 Blind Bias Survey. 

On a scale of -9 to +9 with 0 representing Center, 582 respondents across the political spectrum on average rated Mother Jones as -4.14, which is in the Left category.

Respondents who rated their own bias as Left, Center, Lean Right, or Right, rated Mother Jones Left; respondents with a Lean Left bias rated Mother Jones as Lean Left. The average rating was Left, confirming AllSides’ existing bias rating for Mother Jones. 

The survey included 100 respondents with a self-reported Left bias; 208 with a Lean Left bias; 235 with a Center bias; 222 with a Lean Right bias, and 55 with a Right bias.

During an AllSides Blind Bias Survey, participants from all sides of the political spectrum are asked to rate the content of a media outlet blindly, so they are not influenced by preconceived notions of a brand's bias. Sign up to take part in the next survey or support us.