A new AllSides media bias analysis of Drudge Report found the news aggregator displayed articles from news sources with an AllSides Media Bias Rating™ on the left more than the center or right. A subsequent Editorial Review of Drudge Report found much sensationalism in the news aggregator’s story choices and word choices, and many story choices appealing to the right.

As a result of these analyses, the AllSides review panel issued an overall AllSides Media Bias Rating™ of Center (+0.93) for Drudge Report. Reviewers on the right and center agreed that even though the articles were often sourced from outlets on the left, the story choice largely appealed to conservative or right-of-center narratives.

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Bias Analysis of Drudge Report News Curation

Overall, 49% of articles displayed on the aggregator’s homepage over a two-week period were from media outlets on the left, 26% were from sources in the center, and 10% were from sources on the right. Fourteen percent were from outlets AllSides has not rated. 

AllSides analyzed content that appeared on Drudge Report’s homepage over a two-week period from April 26 to May 9, 2023.

On the homepage, 3% of articles were from Left-rated sources, 46% from Lean Left-rated sources, 26% from Center sources, 7% from Lean Right sources, 3% from Right-rated sources, and 14% from sources not rated by AllSides.

Visit the full report to view AllSides’ methodology, in-depth findings, and see a full list of articles analyzed.

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The top five sources curated on Drudge Report over the time period analyzed were the Washington Post (Lean Left), the Associated Press (Lean Left), Wall Street Journal (Center)CNBC (Center),  and Bloomberg (Lean Left). Only one source on the right appeared among the top 10 outlets displayed on Drudge Report, New York Post (Lean Right).


AllSides’ Media Bias Rating for Drudge Report was moved from Lean Right to Center (+0.93), slightly on the right side of Center.

To view the full Drudge Report bias analysis, which includes details on methodologies, click here.

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Clare Ashcraft is the Bridging and Bias Assistant at AllSides. She has a Center bias.

Visuals by Andrew Weinzierl, Research and Data Journalist at AllSides (Lean Left bias).

Reviews and edits by Henry A. Brechter, Editor in chief (Center bias) and Julie Mastrine, Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings (Lean Right bias).